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  2. Contact
  3. School enrollment application
  4. List of schools and contact information
  5. Vendor Partner application
  6. List of vendor partners and contact information
  7. Vendor catalogs (multiple pages)
    1. Icons/URL to video clips
    2. URL's to vendor's websites
  8. School wish list (multiple pages)
  9. Testimonials
  10. Podcasts
  11. WikiWeb page for collaboration among donors, vendors, schools, teachers and students.
  12. FAQ
  13. FILL blog
  14. Site map
  15. IRS exemption letter
  16. Financial statements – quarterly; archived financial statements.
  17. Quick Books integration
    1. Donor account setup
    2. Donor Account list (hidden)
    3. Donor sign in
    4. Donor Account Viewer
    5. Receipt of donor deposits
    6. Record of payments out – general journal
    7. Record of payments out – general ledger
    8. Trust account – Segregated by donor; secure
      1. Account setup
      2. Receipts, disbursements, running balance
      3. Rollback, error detection and correction, audit trail
  18. Independent Auditor's page
  19. Merchant account information
  20. List of donations directed by FILL, name, date and amount, purpose
  21. Name and address of governmental agency(ies) having oversight of FILL.
  22. List of Officers and Directors with Cvs.
  23. E-commerce solution including back-end (???pages)
  24. E-Newsletter – current edition and sign up, RSS; archives
  25. Software licensing – license fee and terms and conditions
  26. Links
  27. Ads by sponsors/vendors

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