The Mission of FILL is to make funding-raising fun and easy for schools of all types. Each donor can pick the school, classroom, project or special needs to fund. Funding via grants, acknowledges the school receiving the grant as the “donor”. All purchases from FILL's participating partner vendors generates a remission of ten percent of all sales revenue to FILL enrolled schools, which commission funds are placed into a segregated trust account managed by FINE in the name of the donor. FILL is an educational charity, qualified as an IRC 501.c.3, and is guided by the instructions received by the donor of each account. Full transparency of each account is provided to the account owner. Of the commissions received from the partners, half is invested in profit producing investments as directed by each donor. The profits earned can be remitted to the donor or directed by the donor in support of an enrolled school. Of the remaining half, a small administrative fee of ___ percent of the original amount of each commission is allocated to FILL. The remainder, after deducting the administrative fee, is made as a charitable gift to enrolled schools, in the discretion of FILL's management.
Schools which wish to participate in the FILL program, apply for enrollment. See: http://schoolenrollment.FILL.org. After verifying the legitimacy of the school, each enrolled school is encouraged to create a 'wish list”, which can include goods and services which serve the school's reasonable needs. See: http://wishlist.FILL.org. This is one point of contact between schools and vendor partners. A second point of contact are the catalogs of partners on the FILL website: http:/catalogs.FILL.org

Donors simply click on the item in the school wish list. This opens a page on which all vendor partners list the requested item, the price, a detailed description, delivery, and return policy. Additionally, items can be selected from any partner vendor catalog. All selected item are placed in a “Cart” which displays the summary information. When the order is complete, the donor click's “Checkout”, then pays using any of the commercial credit/debit cards or Pay Pal. FILL returns via email, a confirmation of the order and sends the information to the respective vendor partners for fillment.
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