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Hi Jim,
Questions and clarifications:
1. Define validation. Is it validation of the business plan? Yes. We want to make sure our vision has marketabillity. Validation of the technology (We assume that we are well within the boundaries of existing technology; you would be the better judge of that) and Advanced Media Productions’ capabilities? I have great confidence in AMP's technical capabilities.

2. Clarify “Pay-As-You-Go”. Basically an hourly rate contract.

3. “Pay-as-you-go” approach with “stages and gate” analysis, if we interpreted this correctly, means detailed product planning according to a well defined multi-phased produce development process. Yes. Many federal grants for projects in "uncharted territory" so require this approach. This is not a problem for Advanced Media Productions but required an upfront cost and also requireda “heavier” project management overhead during the development process then normally would be the case. Which may or may not be necessary. I'm being cautious since I am not as well informed on the front end and back end processes as I could be. I have three pages on the front end. See:

If you give me these answers, we may be able to put some next steps together for you, or you can give me ideas for next steps.

Thank you,

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Our efforts may be drawn out a bit. The price would need to be funded by a grant or by businesses who join FILL with the idea that they will be participating vendors. We need some reasonable assurance that the idea I outline can be made to work. We also need a sort of "pay as you go" approach. I suggest that a "stages and gates" analysis would serve to allow cost to follow small increments of advancement. I would suggest that prices be set for the next stage, following passing through the earlier gate (approval of work performed and describing the work to be performed during the ensuing stage) with a fixed price for achieving the next gate.


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